Opposition to the government’s Prevent strategy

Bristol, 08 Dec 16 @ 09:30

The South West Young Greens would like to reaffirm our opposition to draconian terror legislation in response to the news that the government’s Prevent strategy has been used in some areas to target anti-fracking demonstrators and animal rights campaigners.

The i (December 7th) reports that several official bodies have included anti-fracking campaigners and hunt saboteurs in documents listing potential threats on the same level as so-called IS and violent far-right groups.

In a free and democratic society campaigners should be allowed to exercise their right to peaceful protest without being labelled extremists. The government’s Prevent strategy, and their new Investigatory Powers bill, are wide-reaching and open to abuse by people in authority who wish to silence genuine political dissent.

In the South West Young Greens we oppose this degradation of civil liberties and will continue to fight for a counter-terrorism strategy that does not strip ordinary, law-abiding citizens of their fundamental rights.


News source: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/environment/anti-fracking-campaigners-labelled-extremists-efforts-stop-terrorists/

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