Make votes matter – support PR

MVMHow much does your vote count? Do you live in a safe seat where your preferred party can never win? It’s time to take a stand against wasted votes. Everybody’s vote should matter, whether they live in a safe seat or the toughest marginal. The South West Young Greens support Make Votes Matter and their campaign to introduce a system of Proportional Representation for Westminster elections.

Democracy is about making sure that people have a say over their own future, but the current voting system wastes hundreds of thousands of votes and encourages voters to vote tactically rather than voting for their preferred candidate.

The Green Party, UKIP and Liberal Democrats received around a quarter of the total popular vote at the last general election, but ended up with just 10 seats between them out of 650. Their voters deserve better. They deserve to have a say in Britain’s future.

Please, sign the petition here before April 6th and let the government know that we want everybody’s voice to be heard.

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