Building success in the South West

2017031602Despite all the doom and gloom we’re faced with at the moment, Green Parties are winning support all over Europe. Last night’s Dutch election, where the Green-Left won their highest ever number of seats, comes after a string of green successes last year all over the Continent, including a green president in Austria. Even more encouraging is the fact that green movements are making gains without compromise. We stand for peace, equality and environmentalism. Europe is waking up to the idea of a greener, fairer world.

This May, we have the chance to mirror the success of our European partners in elections across the South West. Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire all have council elections on May 4th, and on the same day we’ll also see Darren Hall take part in the highly-anticipated West of England Mayoral election. Greens can make gains in these elections with our positive vision for local communities. A fairer housing market, greener homes and better public transport are all on the cards if we have more Greens in local government.

We can achieve all this and more with the help of dedicated young activists from across the South West. Whether you’re already a Green, or just interested in helping us out, you can lend your support in the coming months. Keep up with our socials, action weekends and other events by keeping an eye on our events page on Facebook. Learn more about politics, make new friends & secure a better future for the South West. Let’s build this green success story together!

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