New SWYG Committee and 2nd Convention + AGM

Find out what happened at our 2nd Convention and Annual General Meeting (AGM) and learn the results of the Committee elections!


SWYG'S 1st birthday!

On August 30th 2015 South West Young Greens celebrated our first birthday day. We look back on our first year with this fabulous timeline covering how we've grown and all we've achieved.

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Our NHS is on the brink, it’s time to act

The South West Young Greens are calling for immediate action across the South West. Write to your MPs, councillors and MEPs, especially if they are Conservatives, and urge them to put pressure on the government to tackle this crisis. Flood social media with the news that the NHS is in urgent need of rescue. Get the message out loud and clear and stand up for our most precious national institution.


We Are European

Over on Twitter we’ve been running a month-long campaign called “We Are European”. There are plenty of good policy arguments for staying in the EU, but what about our identity? What about those of us who identify both as British and as Europeans? Here is our list of 10 reasons why #WeAreEuropean.